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The brightest morning ever seen was demolished

Through the stained-glass window of a one bedroom apartment on the
fifteenth floor, a body jumped into eternity squelching the midnight prayers of
doomed sinners that rose from the Baptist Church on the first floor. The death
of the last human soul was brought on by the overlapping of sugar
consummation, cigarettes, ignored desires and a consistent obedience to
fabricated hunger. The fallen body caused the night to tiptoe out of the
gutters. The pedestrians xertzted all the red juice out of the sidewalk, diluting
the evening's spectacle in a vial of empathetic thoughts. Every person in the
vicinity walked away half empty and completely distraught, as broken

sketches of fallen creatures brought into existence by faulty and self-
indulgent creators.

Moreover, seeing the ineffective intensity of a onetime suicide, the
body repeated itself, looping its own termination to inculcate humankind with
the flawed premise presented by martyrs. Out of the annulment of life sprung
only forgetfulness. Yet, a soul that did not seek to absquatulate, beamed high
in the faded apex of transcendental promise.
While about to reach the ground, his selfless act of suicide weighed
heavily on the night, forcing it into the light. One detail, the tiniest in
dimension, surpassed the deed as it repeated itself. As strong as the
significance of the jump was and as weak as his vanity was, the jumper
obediently held back on the reason for his choice. And so, because its
reproduction surpassed in speed the ability for the undernourished souls to
digest it, Vanity poisoned the charts and disrupted the gravity of the
performance. Once more genuine life was imprisoned by the industrial brain
and what could've been the brightest morning ever seen was demolished.