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The Princess And Her Dragon

Princess Stephie, a 9 year old girl filled with intelligence, wit, and of course charm. Spent her days like most other princesses, locked away in a tower. This had happened for years and nobody ever questioned it. The princess stayed in a tower, the dragon guarded them, and the prince came to their rescue. Stephie however, didn't like this. She wished to be free. She wished to be able to run through the grass. She wished to be treated just like the princes who were allowed to have their freedom.

Looking out the window she let out a solemn sigh as her gaze landed on the large blue dragon which sat in front of her tower. Samson, the dragon who had been put in charge of guarding her always took his job seriously. To the point which it became insufferable. Stephie couldn't do anything without Samson butting in. She couldn't cook, she couldn't color, she couldn't even sneeze without the dragon shoving his head through the window in order to ensure that she was alright.

One day, as she sat at the window staring out into the sky. Stephie couldn't help but to notice that Samson wasn't acting like his usual self. That he seemed to be somewhat... on edge. "Samson? Why are you looking at the sky with such a forlorn expression?" The girl tilted her head to the side as she tried to question the creature. Samson, could only respond with a sigh as he turned his attention to the girl. "My child, I miss being able to fly freely. I miss being able to do as I wish. I miss, not having to stand guard at a tower."

Stephie gave a hum as she looked down towards him. "Why don't you leave for a while? I mean, you're not trapped here like I am." Samson simply shook his head. "I cannot leave you my child. For if I were to leave you, then you would be left unguarded." The princess puffed out her cheeks in annoyance as she stared down at the other. Then an idea formed in her head.

"Samson! If it is me you are protecting, than is the tower truly necessary?" Samson froze and thought for a minute. Never in his life had he considered that the tower might not be needed. That the tower was possibly just an accessory. The dragon's blue scales seemed to shimmer as he looked up to the girl in the tower. "My child, the tower is in no way a necessity. Please tell me what you wish."

Stephie and Samson already knew what she would say next. "I wish to ride on your back." With a nod Samson flew up to the tower window, and allowed the child to climb onto his back. Then he flew off into the sky.

Never having stepped foot out of her tower Stephie could feel the exhilarating freedom as it coursed through her veins. A fit of sheer joy made evident by the laughter she released as she and her friend continued to fly throughout that day.