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Birthday Suits and Birthday Cake - A Pepper X Orman Story

WARNING! This content is sexually explicit!!! Must be 18+ or older to view!

The bronze-skinned wood elf Orman hummed as he moved about his house. Much of it was decorated in a colorful rainbow of streamers and balloons of various sizes. They either floated around the house or bounced all over the floors like a rainbow of bullfrogs. On the ceiling in the kitchen dangled a large glittering golden sphere. It also had a red velvet cord dangling from the middle of it as well. On the table sat a large batch of chocolate cupcakes set up in the shape of a delicious brown pyramid. Many of the cupcakes had their own decorations and toppings. However, the one at the very top was decorated extra special. It had green frosting on the top along with a cherry on top with rainbow sprinkles.

“Perfect…� Orman said.

He stood back as he looked at the pyramid of cupcakes. The wood elf nodded his head proudly and smirked as he stroked the bending strand of his hair. He then heard the pleasant ding coming from behind him. Orman looked over to the oven, hearing the ding finally stop when he walked over to it. Opening the small oven door, the wood elf took out a tin of freshly baked vanilla-flavored cupcakes. The very smell of them flooded the room with a festive and magnificent smell. The smoke rose up from them as he sat the metal muffin tin on the counter.

“Ahhh… she’s going to love this, I know it. Now, it’s simply a matter of—� Orman began to think to himself.

He then heard another ding. This time it was a ding that he wasn’t expecting. It was his door bell! Could it be who he thought it was? So soon, at this hour?

Alarmed, Orman quick ran to his front door, looking out of the peephole the minute he got there. His eyeball skittered somewhat frantically as he looked out to see who it was. His heart soon stopped racing as he identified who it was. Thankfully, it wasn’t who he thought it was. Breathing a collective sigh of relief, the wood elf unlocked the door.

“Whew… you have no idea how much you scared the ever-loving crap out of me. I thought you were your sister for a second.� Orman said.

The female full-bodied green goblin before him giggled at his remark. She had a very curvy shape with an abundantly thick green posterior and breasts to match as well. She was dressed in a pink midriff with a white jacket on and pink leopard-skin tights on her. Her red hair was done in a long flowing ponytail that reached down to the middle of her back.

“Wow… you’re really nervous about this, aren’t you?� She laughed.

“Of course, I am, Jiji. It’s taken a whole lot of doin’ just to keep your sister from coming over here while I was getting the place decorated.� Orman replied.

Before he closed the door behind her, the wood elf looked outside suspiciously. He wasn’t going to take the chance that Jiji’s sister wasn’t going to come out of nowhere and the surprise would be spoiled. He looked both ways one time… then again. He then finally closed the door and walked back into the kitchen with Jiji.

“She doesn’t know anything about it, does she?� Orman asked.

“Nope. I said nothing in front of her and kept it confidential like you wanted… Wow!!! You really did go all out for this!� Jiji exclaimed.

She looked around at all of the decorations that where before her. Her eyes lit up like a deer caught in the headlights as she saw all of the work that Orman had put into her sister’s surprise birthday party. It was all so extravagant and colorful, almost as if it brought life to the place.

“Of course. It’s for Pepper… and believe me, it was not easy keeping her from coming over here. I’ve had to arrange our meeting dates everywhere else BUT my house in order to keep making these decorations…� Orman said. “… but when she gets surprised, it’ll all be worth it.�

“I know what you mean. I kept having to be sneaky when Pepper kept on askin’ questions about what I’ve been doing. I even almost broke her gift when she came bustin’ into my room about her hair dryer being on the fritz…� Jiji explained.

“Sheesh… and we both know how terrible her hair looks when it’s not dried.� Orman shuddered.

“Yea… but here’s hoping we don’t have to see that again.� Jiji said.

Orman nodded in agreement wholeheartedly. He then looked at the rectangular gift that the voluptuous goblin was carrying. It was wrapped in a sparkling green wrapping paper with a red bow tied on it. There was also a tag that read “To: Peppy – From: Jiji� with a heart next to Jiji’s name.

“So, what did you get her for a gift?� Orman asked.

Jiji rose an eyebrow at him with a smirk.

“You sneaky… I want to keep it a surprise for when she opens it. You’ll find out what it is the second everyone else gets here, I promise.� Jiji said.

“Alright… while we’re waiting, can you help me out with these new cupcakes? I already finished the chocolate ones and made them into a pyramid… see?� Orman said.

“Wooooow… “Jiji said. She then looked upwards to see the one at the top of the pyramid. She didn’t need confirmation to know whom that cupcake was for. The goblin simply smiled and giggled a little.

“And I’m guessing that one at the top is for the birthday girl…?�

“You got it… the rest are for everyone else. Now can you help out, please? We gotta get these vanilla cupcakes done before everyone gets here.�

“Okay, but where should I put my gift?�

“Hmm… on the table’s fine. Never got around to putting a place for the gifts, but it’ll have to do. Grab one of those icing guns and help… I got everything we need here.�

Jiji quickly put her present down and grabbed one of the icing guns. It had chocolate icing within the small tank on the back of it. Before she started helping, the goblin pulled the trigger on the device. Pointing it at her finger, Jiji saw a small dab of chocolate icing come out of the spout. She then tasted it, lighting up almost immediately.

“Oooh… these are going to be good!� Jiji exclaimed. She sounded almost child-like.

“Yes… they’ll be even better with the icing on them. So, if you don’t mind…?� Orman said a bit impatiently.

“Okay, okay! Sheesh… no need to get snippy.� Jiji said. She then came over and started to help.

“I know… I know. I just want this party to be perfect for her, y’know? I mean I know she doesn’t celebrate her birthday all that often and I just want her to have a good time.� Orman replied in an abject tone.

Jiji looked at him and smiled. She then patted him on the head and messed up his hair a little to get his attention. When the wood elf looked at the goblin, his annoyed face was on. It never ceased to amuse Jiji when he looked like that.

“What’d you do that for?� Orman asked.

“Now, now… that was to get you to calm down. Relax…� Jiji said. She then stood straight in front of him. “…Now, take a deep breath.�

Orman rolled his eyes and then stood up straight and breathed along with Jiji. His breath came out slow and steady. Jiji could almost hear the anxiety in his breathing as he inhaled and exhaled. He was obviously working for some time on this party… maybe a little too long. Each of his breaths came out slow and shuddered upon exhaling like a man out in the cold winter. The goblin then signaled for the wood elf to keep breathing as she gestured, making sure he got all of his anxiety out of his system. Within about a minute or so, Orman’s breathing was at a regular pace.

“Okay, obviously, you’ve been doing a lot for this party for Peppy…� Jiji stated.

“Obviously…� Orman reiterated. His tone was a mixture of irritation and knowing.

“And she’ll love it… maybe what you need is a break. Maybe you two can—�

Jiji was suddenly cut off by a ringing of the doorbell. It rung about four times as Orman and Jiji could both hear. The two of them then looked at each other with an almost knowing and fearful look as though they knew who it was.

“Oh no… it can’t be… can it?� Orman said with a worried tone.

“No, I’m sure it’s the tooth fairy.� Jiji said with a hint of sarcasm.

The two of them then ran to the door and looked outside the peephole. Surely enough there was Pepper in all her curvaceous glory. She was wearing a pair of tight black spandex pants on that hugged her wide and meaty ass. On her top half, Pepper was wearing a pink top that covered her ample green breasts. While her breasts were quite large, they paled in comparison to the thick emerald posterior that Orman loved so much. But at this particular moment, the usually stoic and serene wood elf was not all that serene when he saw his dear betrothed out in front of the door. Not to mention that she looked like she was likely on the impatient side. Orman and Jiji then quickly dove behind the door before she could even get a glancing look at them.

“She’s there…� Orman said.

“Mmhm… what are you going to do? You can’t just let her in or the surprise will be spoiled. But if you don’t let her in, she’ll just kick down the door.� Jiji said.

“Yea… and we both don’t want that.� Orman agreed.

As he tried to think of what to do, the ringing doorbell only made his mind more unclear on what to do. He was losing time and needed to act now! His eyes then widened with inspiration. Orman then looked to Jiji and stood up from leaning on the door.

“Okay, I think I have an idea! But I should ask if you’ll stay here, help get the rest of the stuff for the party and make sure the other guests get here.� Orman said.

“Of course! Just leave it to me!� Jiji said, nodding her head.

“Nice! I’m going to try and keep her busy as long as I can. If any of the guests arrive, let them in and set their gifts on the table. The rest of the food should be here soon as well.� Orman said.

Jiji nodded and sped right back into the kitchen, finishing the decoration of the cupcakes. Orman then cleared his throat and started to open the door. Upon opening it, the wood elf gave the biggest smile he could to his seemingly perturbed girlfriend. She had her hands on her hips and was tapping her foot in an impatient pace. It was clear as day that she was not particularly happy with him.

“Ah, honey-bunch! How are y--?� Orman started to say.

“Don’t ‘honey-bunch’ me, pretty-boy! Do you even know what today is?!� Pepper barked.

“Oh yea, I almost forgot! Today is my daily walk around the woods, come on!� Orman said quickly.

Before she could even protest, Pepper felt her hand being taken and the rest of her being pulled right off of her boyfriend’s porch. Orman really couldn’t take any chances right now. His voluptuous girlfriend was very close to discovering her surprise birthday party and he had worked too long and too hard for her to find it now. Orman would just have to keep her busy for now until everything else was put into place.

Back in the house, Jiji simply watched as the couple started to walk away from the house. Sighing internally in relief, Jiji then went back to finishing the new batch of vanilla cupcakes that Orman made. As she started to decorate them with chocolate icing, the goblin smiled.

“Good luck, Orman…� she thought to herself.

It was a bright and beautiful day in the woods. Many of the birds were singing and butterflies were flying from flower to flower. The air was lightly cool to the touch but smelled a lot like the spring season that it currently was. There were many paths that led in and out of the forest, but Orman knew them like the back of his own hand. He had trekked through these woods several times over since he lived there. The massive forest was his backyard and he took care of it just as it took care of him.

As they walked through the woods, Orman wrapped his arm around the slim waist of Pepper. Each time he did so, the wood elf felt like he had died on gone to who-knows-where. He loved all of her curves and her thickness, especially down below her waist. His strong bronze hand cupped Pepper’s right buttock firmly as he held her. As much as the goblin did her best to be cross with her boyfriend, she knew that she could never resist his firm grip on her… it was something she loved about him, after all. Despite her efforts, Pepper could feel her frown turning into a smile very slowly. Part of her was still mad, but not mad enough to resist her groom-to-be’s touch.

“Come on…� Orman started to say. His face got in close to hers as she looked at him. Pepper smirked a bit and kissed him as he came in closer to her. While this was also something that she loved about him, it was also something that Pepper hated about him. “… You aren’t really mad at me, are you?�

“Hmm… no… but I SHOULD be. I still can’t believe you forgot what today is!� Pepper said. Her blushing cheeks didn’t help her case much.

“And just what is it about today that is so important?� Orman asked. Pepper’s face soon shifted from a surprised look to the same angered face that she had on earlier at his house.

“Seriously?! MY OWN BOYFRIEND CAN’T THINK ENOUGH OF ME TO REMEMBER MY BIRTHDAY?!?! Well whatever! I was just letting you know! Shit… sometimes I wonder why I’m even with—�

It was at this moment that Orman knew that he was really messing up. Playing dumb was really not helping him in this situation… and he knew how bad it was when Pepper got really mad. Right about then, Orman had decided that this tragic farce had to come to an end… or his relationship would come to an untimely end. The minute she started to storm off, Orman ran up to her. The second his hand touched her, Pepper was starting to fight back against his embrace.

“Don’t touch me! You didn’t even remember my—� Pepper started to protest. She was quickly cut off with deep and sudden kiss from her boyfriend. Her eyes went wide with shock as she felt her plump lips pressed against his so deeply. Her expression had softened slowly as she felt his warm tongue against hers.

“Mmmm….� Pepper moaned.

Slowly, her arms reached around his neck, wrapping around him like a boa. She could already feel his own hands clutching both of her watermelon-sized posterior as they kissed. His grip became tighter on her and it made her coo like a lovestruck canary. It made her raise up on her tip toes and kiss him with even more fervor than before. She was trapped and she didn’t seem to mind at all. When he parted from her mouth slowly, Pepper moaned out and looked up at him with a heightened smile. Her forehead was pressed against his as their bodies swayed left and right slowly in each other’s arms.

“Look… I never forgot your birthday, okay? I was just playing dumb because I didn’t want to mess up your surprise…� Orman replied.

“Hmm… and what surprise would that be?� Pepper asked.

“This.� Orman said.

Pepper then suddenly felt herself being swooped up into her boyfriend’s arms. She squealed as she was hoisted up into his strong arms and felt him choking her watermelon-sized butt with his grip. Her eyes widened as she then felt him slam her firmly against the trunk of a large redwood tree.

“Ah…. hah…. Mmmm…� Pepper sounded out.

She then felt her mouth become full again with Orman’s tongue and her own. She felt every wet and warm kiss he gave her. His lips made her feel as though she were being eaten alive. She felt his exhalations as he continued to maul her with kisses, primal and forward in nature. His warm breath gave her such intense tingles along her skin and his mouth only continued to heighten her horniness. His tongue crawled across her skin so slowly, leaving a somewhat invisible trail of wetness across her breasts. Pepper threw her head back against tree as she was in overwhelming pleasurable anguish. Her breaths came out in a quick and aroused pace as she looked down, feeling her nipples being lightly tugged and bitten by Orman’s teeth.

“Oh my… dammit…fuck me… Mmmm-mmm.� Pepper cooed.

“That’s just what I intend to do, birthday girl…� Orman quipped.

When he looked up at her, Pepper saw a familiar glint in his brown eyes. At this point, they seemed to be radiating a dark gold to the aroused goblin. In his eyes, Pepper saw what she called “The Promise of Hard Sex� … she was truly in for it. She could already feel him just about ready to hammer her… the familiar pressure she felt in-between her legs were a dead giveaway. She felt him thrust into her a few times over with only his bulge in-between her thigh green thighs, but it was enough to elicit a few moans out of her. She had the sudden feeling that she wouldn’t be walking straight for some time… but it was fine by her.

“Dammit Orman… just do it already. Quit making me—� Pepper started.

A quick and hard slap to her wide and soft posterior shut her up quickly. Pepper then felt another one on her left buttock, almost harder than the last one on her right buttock. She squealed into his ear, wrapping her arms around his neck as he buried his face into her breasts. Pepper then bit her tongue as much as she could as she weathered the second wave of hard swats on her ripe green watermelon-sized ass. She exhalated out a moan that was very much audible during each smack, slowly rising into a falsetto. Pepper was trapped and she was enjoying it greatly. She then felt Orman’s hands form into fists on her abundant buttocks, knuckles pressing into her green flesh. She then moaned out as she heard a sudden ripping sound like fabric being torn apart. She even heard Orman growling a bit like a hungry bear as she heard the fabric ripping. Her eyes widened as she felt a sudden breeze on her watermelon ass. Orman had ripped her spandex pants open from the middle crease on the back and all the way down to her slightly watering vaginal region. Pepper turned a bit red as she looked down at him and smiled while moaning… he wanted it just as badly as she did.

“Fucking hell… c’mere, c’mere!� Orman said.

He put Pepper down and held her against the tree. Pepper only moaned out as she felt his hands explore all over her ass again and then swat it even harder than before.

“Ahh, fuck! Yes… yes… take my fucking—AHHHHH, DAMMIT!!� Pepper started to say.

Once again, the goblin was interrupted by the sound swatting of her betrothed’s hand. She felt him turn her around and bend her over at the waist. All he could see was her big fat ass rubbing up against his very noticeable bulge. The wood elf had the eyes of a tiger and his prey was the enormous green mounds of meat that wobbled and shook before him. It was enough to make him drool all over it as he gripped her wide hips. His right-hand grip soon took on that of a tiger’s as his left hand moved quickly to get his rigid hard-as-wood penis out of his pants. He gripped his elongated shalf and stroked it slowly as he pressed the head to Pepper’s opening. The touch of his head on her opening made her whine in a soft falsetto tone, almost rivaling that of her sister’s voice. With each stroke of his head, the thick-bodied goblin winced in anticipation. She looked back at him, smiling and moaning… she couldn’t take it anymore. Pepper then exclaimed even more as she felt her boyfriend’s penis slowly enter her vagina. The very girth of it slowly spread her walls as it slithered its way in like a snake.

“Ah-ahhhh-ahhhhhhhhh-haaaaahhhhaaaa…� Pepper shuddered in a falsetto. She could feel the very heavy shaft stretch her walls without warning. Her eyes rolled back in complete ecstasy as she gripped the tree trunk she was against. She then felt her head beaning jerked back slowly by Orman’s strong grip on her hair.

“Time for your birthday gift… Ready?� Orman said in a baritone level of voice. Pepper, scared and excited, only nodded her head “yes� as much as her body would allow her to. She then felt the tight grip of her boyfriend’s leave her hair, suddenly letting her face point down. Flanked at either side of her waist, the lustful goblin felt the wood elf’s vice-like grip on her plump hips. She then felt Orman waste no time as he fed her voracious vagina with his rock-hard dick. Her eyes rolled back slowly and closed as she felt every single thrust inside of her.

“Ah-AH-AH-HAHA-HA-AH!!! YES-YES-YESSS!!!� Pepper hissed through her gritting teeth. The force behind Orman’s thrusts was sound. His pelvis met her thick, meaty buttocks as though he were trying to bang down a stubborn door. Orman growled with slight ferocity as he mauled her from behind. He couldn’t help himself… Pepper’s massive thick ass rippling as he slammed into her without hesitation was a sight that he could almost never go without. It would be like a day without the sun in the sky, regardless of if it were cloudy or clear.

“Fuckin’ hell… all this meat….� Orman growled. He soon found himself smacking her fat green ass relentlessly hard as he took her pussy. Her moans and screams only fueled him into fucking her all the more savagely. Her warmth wrapped around his dick brought out the animal in him; uncaged and damn near untamed. He swatted her fat ass roughly, hearing her squeal out for mercy.

“Fuck me—AHHH! You son of a-AHHHHH! AHHHHHHHH!!!� Pepper screamed out. Her voice echoed out into the woods repeatedly as she felt every hard smack and every thrust into her pussy from Orman’s dick. Her ass clapped rapidly with each thrust that met her gelatinous buttocks with vigor. The goblin felt like she just might lose her footing, feeling her knees buckle and crumble under the force of Orman’s lustful and unrestrained thrusts. She could hardly even look back at her boyfriend’s hot-red handiwork on her round mound of ass. All she could do was weather the sexual storm and scream Bloody Mary… it was times like this that she wished that she had created a safe word.

“Ah---FUCK YES!!! FUCKIN’ FUCK ME, BABY! YES, FUCK ME!!!� Pepper screamed. Orman only replied with heavy bestial grunts and even heavier and swift thrusts. He was not holding back at all on Pepper. He was going to make sure that he printed his name on her pussy’s back wall with each hard thrust he rammed into her back wall mercilessly. Pepper’s body jerked backwards and forwards as she was getting her birthday gift faster, making her thick jade butt bounce around like a basketball. She growled through gritted teeth and squealed as she tried to maintain her balance. It was all for naught as Pepper had lost her grip on the tree trunk in front of her. However, before she could even slump toward the ground, her pink hair was suddenly jerked back and her breasts were put against the tree trunks. There was no question about it now: Pepper was getting her train derailed and there is the 120% chance that there would be NO survivors. All she could do was hope that she could still walk after this…

“Fuckin’ hell…. All this ass back here… makes no fucking sense… C’MON!!!� Orman said.

“AHHHHH!!! Grrrr—AHHHHHHHHHHH-HAHA!!!� Pepper screamed out. This birthday fucking had reached critical levels and she was enjoying every millisecond of it. Each thrust Orman gave her brought her closer to the Netherworld. As he kept it up, Orman could tell that the Pepper was enjoying it. She was getting wetter and wetter like a ripe watermelon in the summer time. He felt all of her warm love juices lubricating his dick all over. The thrusts sounded even wetter as though Pepper was splashing in a large puddle of water. She felt all kinds of pressure in-between her legs and they howled to her. The pressure within her was building up greatly with each thrust, getting wetter and wetter. She squealed as that pressure came out in the form of a squirting flower that was her vagina.

“OHHHHHH FFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!� Pepper wailed out. She felt herself squirting about seven times over on her boyfriend’s dick. A waterfall of her juices rained down onto Orman’s massive shaft. Her eyes rolled back into her head as she moaned out. The goblin’s entire body shuddered as she felt Orman and herself pause. All she could hear was her betrothed’s breathing, her own breathing, and her vagina dripping down. Pepper huffed out several times over, pulling back from the tree somewhat. She then looked back to see her thick green ass covered in hot red marks all over. She smiled as much as she could at the sight. Her ripped pants barely covered her Christmas-colored butt, only covering up her legs and the front of her pelvic area. The cool spring winds blew past the two of them gently, slightly stinging Pepper’s butt more.

“Ahhhh… hahaha… Get your breath yet, birthday girl?� Orman asked. He laughed a bit and Pepper did as well. Her laugh sounded slightly winded, but never the less was audible to Orman. Pepper shook her head “no� and continued to stay bent over as her ass shook against him slowly left and right.

“Ahhh, dammit…� Orman said. He let go of Pepper’s waist as he watched her fat ass shake all over his pelvis. Her bulbous, round green and red ass wobbled and bounced all around on him. She moaned in a teasing matter as she licked her lips at him. He had to admit that he was impressed with her appetite… her horniness rivaled his on many occasions… even now. Even after the rough fucking she took from the wood elf, the goblin was still hungry for more.

“Mmm… more. Give me more, baby… don’t I deserve it?� Pepper teased. She bit down on her index finger and middle finger as she teased him. Her sapphire eyes dazzled with a hint of lust in them as she looked at him. It made Orman smile the widest grin he ever had. He could still feel her bumping her round watermelon ass against him repeatedly, but slowly enough for him to feel her hot vagina walls sucking on him like it was her own mouth. It pulled him in deeper each time she came back. She was practically taunting him with her fleshy stinging buttocks and wet warm pussy dripping all over him. Orman let loose an aroused laugh and gripped her hips again. He thrusted his dick deeply into her one time, making her approximate a surprised squeal. Her head jerked upwards as she squealed, then began to shake her hips left and right repeatedly.

“AHHHH!!! FUCK… fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck…� Pepper let out. She tried to recover from the sneak thrust her betrothed gave her. Before she could even get ready for the next one, Pepper felt herself being swooped up again. She then looked to see that Orman was carrying her deeper into the woods. She simply squealed and laughed as she felt her arms being slung around Orman’s neck. She also felt Orman, picking her up with his strong arms carrying her.

“Oooohhhh….� Pepper let out. She felt his arms underneath his legs as he picked her up. His eager hands had her thick buttocks in a chokehold as he entered her again. He then started to thrust against her more and more as he carried her. Pepper squealed as she started to hang on for dear life… this was one birthday fucking that she would not forget anytime soon. Her hands clung to her arms tightly as she was rocked several times up and down by her boyfriend’s savage thrusts. Her boyfriend’s dick was a jackhammer that slammed into her repeatedly over and over without fail. Each thrust that came towards her made her jerk up and down in unbearable lust.

“AHHHHH FUCK!!!!� Pepper shouted out. She was really starting to feel it now… her pussy was going to be sore the next few hours, but she could care less. This ruthless birthday surprise had her brain in overdrive. Her moans came out with small breaks in the middle as Orman slammed her faster and faster in the air. The goblin rotated her hips over and over as she found Orman’s pace, fucking him back just as much as he was to her. She moaned loudly as she felt pressure from Orman’s rigid member grinding her walls so roughly.

“Grrrrr GRRRRRRR!!!! HAHA! I know you’ve been waiting for this for so long… just like me…� Orman whispered into Pepper’s ear.

“Ahhhhhh… then why didn’t you do it sooner?� Pepper moaned out. She could feel him being more merciful with his strokes. Though perhaps merciful was the wrong word. The thick-bodied goblin groaned as she felt him slow-stroking her raw pussy. Every stroke sent her eyes rolling back and had her sinking her nails into Orman’s muscled back. Pepper could even hear his growls and exhalated roars as he grinded her pussy deeply. He felt all of her wetness as he reached down deeper into her, filling her up entirely with himself.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…� Pepper gasped loudly. She felt like she could die today and be happy with it. Her wide hips whined and her thick ass clapped as she felt Orman’s full strength in his thrusts over and over. She buried her face into his right shoulder and bit down on his skin. Her teeth clenched as tightly as they could to him as she received his dick fully with each slow thrust. This was like pleasurable torture for her… pain and pleasure all at the same time as the sex continued. She then began to feel pressure rising once again in her sweet spot.

“Ahhh… AHHH… ORMIEEE-AHHHHHHH!!!!� Pepper started to scream. It nearly rivaled that of the birds above. She started to feel him and herself thrusting faster and faster as her pressure began to rise. Orman grunted faster and faster as he continued to hammer her deep and hard, expediting her orgasm more. He then felt her pussy squirt another waterfall of her juice onto him, soaking his dick and the ground beneath them. Pepper blushed greatly and buried her face into his neck, kissing him all over it and moaning loudly. This was one of the reasons why she loved this man… there was no quit in him. Orman smiled and then slowly put her down on her soft grass, hearing her giggle in a bubbly sort of tone. She was smiling so wide, drenched in sweat and dripping her own juices. Pepper looked up at him with a lustful yet coy smile… it made him smile as well.

“Oooooh my… you really are trying to kill me, aren’t you?� Pepper asked. Her hand found its way around Orman’s slick and hard dick. She moaned as she looked down at it, slowly stroking it.

“No.., just slam you until I have nothing left.� Orman quipped. Pepper laughed as she began to got on her knees in front of her boyfriend. She then held Orman’s dick still as she started to encompass it with her mouth. Her lips encircled it slowly and her tongue laid underneath the massive head and shaft. She moaned out loud as her head moved back and forth slowly. Pepper moaned as she took all of Orman’s hard dick into her hot mouth. She looked up at Orman as he threw his head back. He felt her entire mouth giving him pleasure as Pepper cleaned his dick off at a teasing speed. He growled out as he felt her warm breath and slick lips trace every part of his dick.

“Mmmm… happy birthday to me…� Pepper laughed. She gave him a slow sensual lick up and down his hard shaft before wrapping her mouth back around his head. As she did so, Pepper watched him squirm with sensual agony as he held onto her pink pigtails. Holding them like handlebars, Orman started to thrust into her mouth and throat repeatedly, stroking her mouth slowly and filling her left cheek with it. She let out and aroused laugh as she sucked his dick down in time with his thrusts.

“Mmmm…. Happy birthday to you indeed…� Orman said. Pepper let out another aroused laugh as her mouth was full of his dick. Her stare was like a snake’s: not even looking away and keeping her prey’s focus on her. She then slowly pulled her mouth off of his dick with a loud wet pop as the head came out of her mouth. The two of them laughed and groaned in playful lust. Pepper then felt Orman’s heavy hand grip the back of her head as he started to slowly thrust his dick deeper… all the way down into her throat. Surprised by this, the bouncing wobbling goblin gagged slightly before letting her throat relax, allowing his hard member entrance. His grip on her head tightened somewhat as he groaned out. The wood elf kept his strong hard dick in her throat as she simply looked up at him. She stayed that way for nearly fourteen seconds before pulling herself off of him. She let out a raspy sigh as tendrils of thick drool formed as Orman’s hard dick was removed from her mouth. He exhaled in a bestial growl and had on a tiger’s smile as he looked down at her. Orman then held her head still and took his dick in his free hand, swatting her cheeks with his hard shaft lightly.

“Mmmmm… mmmm… ooooh… are you going to cum for me? Give me my birthday surprise… huh?� Pepper asked teasingly. She moaned achingly for him to cum. She enjoyed how much he ravaged her today, but she loved it even more when he came. The goblin bit her lip and her watermelon-sized butt quivered at the thought of his load spread across her face. She slowly started to touch herself as her birthday wish was slowly starting to come true. Pepper looked up to see her dear boyfriend stroking his heavy dick rapidly in her face. Her face lit up completely and she bounced on her big round ass as she sat on her knees.

“Yaaaaay… Hehe.� Pepper giggled excitedly.

“Yea you are, oh bouncy big-butted one… Grrrr… Hrrr!� Orman grunted. He was working hard to give her that load, jerking himself silly. He could feel the pressure building up some, but it wasn’t quite there yet. He then felt Pepper’s hand around his dick and then her mouth all around the shaft. She sucked him off faster and faster, moaning for his own juice to come out sooner. She continued to do this while feeling his hands all over her big juicy ass. He squeezed and smacked it all over, prompting her to suck him faster and harder. Her head bobbed like a woodpecker as her moans grew even more aroused from the repeated smacks to her fat gelatinous rump. She even attempted to swallow him down again… which seemed to just about do it.

“Ahhhh-AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!� Orman howled. He gripped her head, pulling his dick out of her mouth just seconds before he came. He held her head close as she opened her mouth widely and dangled her tongue out, moaning wantonly. Suddenly, the goblin felt the sudden streaks of warm white man-milk spring across her cheeks and lips. Her once green face was now plastered in thick web-like strands of Orman’s hot nut. She moaned out with each splotch covering the left side of her face many times over. Some of it even hit her tongue as she simply weathered the storm. Orman’s dick gushed it all out like a geyser, spraying her about six times over in nut. He growled intensely as he felt it all leave him. He stroked faster and faster, finally slowing down when it seemed like it was all gone. By then, the wood elf stroked his dick slowly on her tongue, getting whatever was left out. Pepper sighed and then wrapped her mouth around his dick, cleaning him out like a vacuum. He groaned as he felt her lips on his now-sensitive shaft but smiled even wider than before. Pepper stayed on his dick for a few seconds, then pulled off, licking her lips. She then sighed contently and slightly tired as well…

“Haaaaaaaahhhhh… thank you for my surprise. I feel SOOO much better.� Pepper said with a smile. She then started to wipe the rest of Orman’s cum off her face and quickly sucked it off her fingers.

“Well, yes, it was a surprise, hun-bun. But… it’s not the only one.� Orman said in a teasing tone. Peppers eyes lit up once again as she got back up.

“Really? What’s the other one?! What is it?!� Pepper insisted.

“Well, I don’t have it with me. It’s actually back at the house! Go ahead and get dressed again so I can go get it!� Orman said.

“Ooooh, okay!� Pepper said. She then picked up her backpack that she had left on the trail and then changed into a new pair of black spandex pants. After taking the old ones off, the goblin couldn’t help but laugh a bit at the big rip in them. She had always known that he was strong and she loved that. Pepper then put on her new pair of pants and wiped herself down from the sweat all over herself. She then turned back as Orman came out of the bushes. She smiled at him as he came close to her and kissed her forehead. A few seconds later as they began to walk back to the house, they noticed that the sky was orange and that the sun was almost down.

“Whoa… how long have we been out here?� Pepper asked as they looked at the sunset.

“Long enough, I’d say.� Orman mumbled.

“What was that, sweetie?� Pepper asked.

“Nothing. Anyway, let’s go! You’re going to love your second gift I promise you.� Orman said. Pepper smiled her sweetest smile ever.

“Ormie… you know you don’t have to give me a a lot of gifts. All I wanted was to be with you today.� Pepper said.

“I know, but I really wanted to make you b-day special. But come on, you’ll see your surprise soon… come on!� Orman said, starting to run.

“Hey wait up!� Pepper said. She started to run as well right behind him. The two laughed as they ran towards the house.

Back at the house, the place was filled with many of Pepper and Orman’s friends and family. They were all over the house, stacking gifts and enjoying a few cupcakes. Jiji was still among the crowd passing out cupcakes as well as food and drink.

“Where are you, Orman? The party’s just about ready to start—�Jiji thought to herself. Suddenly, the timely arrival of Orman through the door put an end to her worrying.

“Orman!� Everyone said out loud.

“Hey everyone! Glad you could make it! Now find a place to hide, Peppy’s right behind me!� Orman said. Quickly, everyone began to find a place to hide within the living room. Jiji had hidden behind one of the couches and waited for the signal. Orman then turned off the lights and then looked back outside to see Peppy stopping just in front of the house.

“Alright, everyone. The minute the lights go on, everyone yell surprise!� Orman whispered loudly. Everyone including Jiji giggled and snickered. There were a few partygoers shushing everyone as they all hid. Orman then opened the door and Pepper was slowly catching her breath and looked up at him with a smile.

“Okay, hun. You got me working out… so where’s my surprise?� Pepper said.

“Well, come on in. It’s right… HERE!� Orman exclaimed. He then flipped on a light switch as everyone jumped out from their hiding spots.

“SURPRIIIIIIIIIIIISE!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PEPPER!!!� Everyone said collectively! Pepper reeled back in sudden amazement, almost running into the wall. She covered her mouth as she suddenly smiled at all the people that showed up. Balloons and streamers flew down from the ceiling and bounced along the floors.

“WHAT?! Oh my Gosh! Really?! Everyone came out to celebrate?!� Pepper asked.

“Mmhm, mmhm!� Orman nodded. “And that’s not all! Bring it out, Jiji!�

As everyone was hugging Pepper and greeting her, Jiji brought out a whole plate of chocolate cupcakes. All thirty-two of them had lit candles on them that flickered and danced in front of Pepper. This had almost brought her to tears… and she suddenly started to calm down, fanning herself.

“Oh my Gosh… you guys! How did you keep this from me for so long?� Pepper asked. She looked at both Orman and Jiji.

“Well it wasn’t all that easy… it was hard keeping it from you. But to see the look on your face… was totally worth it!� Jiji said. Everyone else laughed and nodded.

“Yea… I really wanted this to be a surprise for you. Happy Birthday, love!� Orman said. Pepper then hugged him tightly along with her sister, letting a few tears roll down her cheeks. She kissed the both of them repeatedly, almost smothering them and leaving her lipstick on them. The crowd awed in sentimentality, clapping and cheering.

“Now make a wish already! No one likes cupcakes with candle wax on them!� Jiji said. Everyone laughed and they all waited for Pepper to blow the candles out. Pepper then inhaled deeply, but then tapped her sister and her boyfriend’s shoulders for assistance. They nodded, understanding what she meant. They all then inhaled and the blow out all the candles, including the one on top. The party cheered and blew noisemakers as Pepper, Orman, and Jiji finished them off. The rest of the night was filled with cheers, fun, and music as everyone celebrated Pepper’s birthday…


Author: SwordSaint1992