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What is karma?

I hear this term used frequently with regards to laws of nature. What is karma or how does it work?

  1. Karma aligns with the Newtonian theory that every action has a reaction, every cause has an effect. Whatever you do comes back to you either in this life or the next. In a spiritual sense, karma governs human behavior in that we are responsible for our actions and beliefs and responsible for our intention behind them which have the greatest impact on future actions/beliefs. It is a perpetual process in which our nature is being shaped by actions. It also warns us to be mindful of every decision we make.

  2. What goes around comes around. That is the most commonly used way to describe how karma works. In my experience, I find that people do not always suffer consequences for their behaviors. If they did in equal measure to the ignorance and problems they create.

  3. Karma is the binding of action. When one decides on what one "wants" the universe will give that one what it needs to be "one". It takes two to make one, does it not?

  4. Karma I believe is the shortest way of saying "you get what you get". It's believed that it is nature's own way of giving you what you deserve. For example if you are to treat others poorly in life, you may be thrown into a situation where you spend some time being looked down upon and treated as others have treated you before. Of course Karma isn't instantaneous, and these situations don't tend to happen until a much later point.


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Created: Nov 29, 2021

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