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What does it mean if you keep having dreams about the same person?

I keep being disturbed by dreams about this person. I do not have much contact with them in real life. What gives? Am I supposed to talk to this person about it?

  1. Dreams usually help people deal with some kind of problem in their waking life. I would examine the context of your relationship or recent interactions with this person and see if there is something you are missing or some aspect to this person you are overlooking that you may be dismissing in a more natural and conscious state. It is there to alert you. To make you pay attention in ways that are more subtle and obscure. Hope that helps.

  2. You have a psychic connection to the person, a past life or lesson to learn, or you are experiencing this in actuality in the astral plane on a different dimension.

  3. They are haunting you. You must feel guilty or unresolved feelings toward this person. There was not a sense of closure. The dreams are there to create that harmony to move on.

  4. It means there is some future even that is on its way to you now, that must appear in dream form, because the energy has arrive, it has not taken root. So that when that future event becomes 'present' as it were, then you are prepared. You will feel like you have already experienced this like a dejavu, and then will be prepared to handle it properly or in the best most evolved way possible.


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Created: Jan 22, 2021

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