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Why should I get married?

I have a lot of pressure from friends and family to get married. I just do not see what the purpose of marriage is except maybe to have some kind of emotional assurance that I will not be alone for 'the rest of my life.'

  1. I think most people get married due to fear of being alone. Perhaps, they misunderstand what it means to be alone. If being alone has meant for the larger part of their adult life to constantly run away from things that cause them pain. Then yes, marriage is a great option. You never have to explore those buried aspects of your true self. But eventually we must live with ourselves first, our decisions, and when the pain of not living according to our deepest values and beliefs, the pain settles in, that of not only trying to make another person happy but of also not exploring what would make you as an individual truly happy.

  2. I would only get married if my soul knew it was meant to be.

  3. If you can make it past 40 without getting married, then you will be perceived as 'the one that got away.'

  4. Marriage is a personal choice. What is a blessing for one person is a lethal poison for another. To even give advice on this matter is counterproductive. One friend recently told me that he did not realize that getting married and having children would become his identity. That everything he did had served the marriage, the family. I felt he was a bit stoic in his expression about the challenges. A lot of people get married and have kids but have never for instance, babysat a child for more than a few hours.

  5. There are many legal and financial benefits that a marriage provides, including tax breaks and hospital visitation rights.

  6. I think there are a lot of ways to answer this question, however I don't think that one answer will truly answer what you want the way you want it. Everyone has their own reason as to why they want to get married. For some it is love, for others they feel like they have to. Don't let others pressure you into marriage especially if you do not feel as if you are ready to do so. Wait until you truly feel a connection to someone, and find your own personal reasons as to 'why' you wish to marry someone.


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Created: Nov 29, 2021

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