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Are there things you know or skills you pick up but have never learned from your own experience?

I saw an article about how it is possible to have memories experienced by your ancestors passed through your DNA before you were born.

  1. Yes, totally. I feel predisposed to certain skills and experiences and sometimes wonder where it comes from. I am naturally drawn to solving others' emotional problems, they seem to come to me when they have hit a dark rift, and then I will get a message on what to say to them. I thought that was me, but I think that perhaps it comes from my 'past lives' or maybe past lives are those of our ancestors guiding us.

  2. It occurred to me that when parents have expectations of their children to do the things they think are 'right' ie. get married have children buy a house. It comes from biological impulses that naturally expect the next generation to resolve the pain and problems of the previous one, because as it were, they still persisted these problems. They want to see evolution but perhaps are not able to see straight away that evolution is in fact by choosing differently than they had.

  3. I have an affinity for dream interpretation. This means that I can take symbolic language and gather a material representation or emotional meaning from it in a way that feels somehow more authentic than my real life. So in this sense, I think this could be memories of ancestors dreaming about future iterations of some experience, and then my having them in real time. And similarly, perhaps what I dream about can be an experience that is transferred to my future expression of selves, ie. children or soul family.


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Created: Nov 29, 2021

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