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Does true love exist?

I used to think that true love did not exist. I thought it was a socially conditioned belief that is largely used by society to control people to act and behave in a certain way.

  1. Heaven is a place on earth. A terrestrial paradise. But I think it is a gift from God or Universe. It is not something you can control or create by your own accord. It just happens. Human love can exist but it is usually something that fades over time, something like 2-3 months, because it was created by the ego, not by Universe. True love comes from the soul. Because it comes from the soul, not just the heart or the body, the qualitative nature of it is infinite and never changes. It helps you evolve into your truest authentic self, your God self on earth.

  2. Yes.

  3. It depends on who you ask. True love doesn't just happen overnight like movies and stories will make you believe. It takes time to develop. True love isn't just infatuation. It's hundreds of arguments, it's acceptance, it's joy, it's pride, it's learning, it's quality time. No pair will ever be perfect together unless they take the time to move past the imperfections. True love exists, just not in the way you may think.


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Created: Nov 29, 2021

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