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What is the Mandela Effect?

One time I saw on YouTube a video about the Mandela Effect. A girl was wigged out crying because she swore she up on the Berenstein Bears, not the Berenstain Bears. Can you please briefly describe what this Mandela Effect is? I also grew up on the Berenstein Bears. I recall it was a Jewish name.

  1. The Mandela Effect is evidence that you experienced something from a different reality. It is usually shared between a group of other people. Once you find other people, you can confirm that you experienced a false memory or something akin to the Mandela Effect.

  2. The Mandela affect is a phenomenon where a large group of people seems to remember things the same way, yet differently from others. Examples of this are as follows; Curious George's tail The black tip on Pikachu's tail Nelson Mandela perishing in prison The BerenstEIN Bears The "We Are The Champions" Lyrics by Queen Sex and the City being called "Sex in the City" Oscar Meyer vs Oscar Mayer There are many other examples of this, however the Mandela affect is simply written off as the idea that a lot of people are simply remembering things differently. Others have theorized that the people who are affected most by the Mandela affect are from another dimension.


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Created: Nov 29, 2021

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