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How many hairs does the average cat have?

I was looking at our cat the other day and was wondering if I could count the hairs. And then I wondered how many hairs the average cat has. I guess this depends on the size of the cat, assuming that larger cats have more hairs.

  1. On average there are 60,000 hairs on the back, and 120,000 hairs per square inch on the understand. Taken the average size of a cat accounts for about 44 square inches by three feet the average cat has a total of around 40 Million hairs. Now of course this is all relative as your cat could have more depending on how large it is.

  2. Cơ thể mèo có khoảng 130.000 sợi lông trên mỗi 6,45cm2. Và số lượng này có thể thay đổi tùy thuộc vào kích thước con mèo.


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Created: Nov 29, 2021

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