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How to deal with a difficult coworker?

I think there is often one person that gives you a hard time at every work place. For whatever reason, the boss doesn't want to get involved. How to best to deal with this person?

  1. Don't take it personally when someone has negative, toxic energy. Sometimes you do not know what they are really going through. If you work with this person a lot, if at all possible, try not to take on assignments where you will have to work so closely together. Exercise good boundaries. If you can, try to sympathize with them, but then walk away and make up different things to say that distract you from absorbing too much of their energy.

  2. Be frank and let them know it makes you uncomfortable when they say or do certain things. Maybe they aren't aware of how they affect you. Then they will not do it to others as well.

  3. Talk to the boss and tell them that the coworker is being difficult making it hard to work and be productive. In theory, the boss would want to know if there is some kind of disruption in communication or work flow. It could be a simple conversation and may stop the behaviors that are counterproductive.

  4. I think bosses have a lot on their plate. You do not want to come off as a burden. Show initiative and that you are capable of handling things on your own. Talk to the person in private and see if there is something you can do to help the coworker. If not, then at least you try to be sincere and show your concern. This may help make behaviors better over time.


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Created: Nov 29, 2021

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