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How to quit smoking?

I was smoking since I was 17. I have been trying to quit for years, but can't get it done for some reason. What are the fastest ways to quit?

  1. Smoke as many cigarettes as you can in one day until you get a headache, smell and feel totally disgusting. Then quit cold turkey. It is easier to quit when you say you cannot afford cigarettes, and replace it with something else like iced coffee or exercise. Do not hang out with people who smoke or go to bars where you are tempted to drink and smoke.

  2. Write a list of reasons why you want to quit smoking. Post it on the fridge. Program yourself to be and think like a non-smoker. Examine what benefits you get from smoking and see if those are really benefits anymore.

  3. Train for a 5k run or a marathon. As part of your training, quit smoking.

  4. Make a list of distracting activities that you could do instead of smoking. Take a shower, walk outside, call a friend, write in your notebook, watch TV, jumping jacks.


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Created: Nov 29, 2021

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