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The constant insinuation

The alarm clock, steady worker.
[Pretty soon, 40 acres and a mule]
A day like no other; sunlight of unparalleled glitz
[To gaze at such world from behind steely frames]
A yawn, a stretch. Inhale and exhale.
[The dull scream and the thousandth attempt to stand up]
With a song in my heart,
[Ashes to ashes, dust to dust]
I choose the fruit, I wave to the birds
[I became the grass, I feed the earth]
What has the day in store for me?
[What has life in store for me?]
The bus + the workers = A juxtaposition, a defiance.
[Branded cattle on wheels, a surplus of delusions]
Adventurous ride, the warmth of the human experience.
[The stench. Next stop: hell. a.k.a. stop the bus!]
All work and no play. Focus will pay off. Eventually.
[Ball and chain, the pawn in a higher game. "Forward!"]
The journey back, the time to rest. My skin against the water
[The flesh goes, the anima gone. One beaten; another eaten].



2019-02-24 09:31:18



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