Monthly Basis
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  1. Open

    Create a Patreon page to see if anyone wants to support the project

    Once the page is created, link to it from the list of social media icons.
  2. Open

    Add og:title and og:description meta tags

    Refer to for a description of each. These should be very easy to add.
  3. Open

    Add og:url meta tag

    Create an og:url meta tag which will contain the canonical URL for the page. Basically the URL should just be at this point, which is the same as the rel="canonical" meta tag.
  4. Open

    Add rel="canonical" tag to head

    For SEO purposes
  5. Open

    Enable rotation via left and right arrow

    User should be able to rotate by using the left and right arrow.


HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in 3D


Owner: LeoGalleguillos