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Surviving Halloween

As you may know Halloween is a time of year that many look forward too, while others may dread. If you are not like me, but wish to still find a way to enjoy the holiday here are a few tips to get you started on your adventures in Halloween.

1. Don't go crazy with decorations
Being the house with lots of inflatables and lights among other forms of decor may look fun, but it's just a huge hassle. Not to mention a giant waste of your money. Save the lights and inflatables for Christmas if you absolutely must have something like them up at one point or another this year. For Halloween think "Simple yet Spooky" This can be anything from a small graveyard, to some webs in the trees.

2. Choose candy wisely
Due to the onslaught of recent allergies Halloween has become a very dangerous time for some children. To the point where some parents refuse to take their child out trick or treating. This is why it is best to choose candy carefully. Along with what you usually buy make sure to purchase candy that is peanut or gluten free. You can even opt out of candy in favor of small toys or coloring books as well.

3. Don't Reject anyone who looks "Too old"
Believe it or not kids are getting taller every year, and I know some 10 year olds who are taller and look older than I do. Because it is getting harder and harder to tell how old people are you should never judge by looks. Also if it is obviously a teenager give them candy. I can assure that if a teenager wants to be out on Halloween they can be doing much worse and much more dangerous things than trick or treating.

4. Don't over exert yourself.
Halloween is not the most relaxing holiday, but you do need to put up limits. If you take your kids trick or treating plan out and practice a route to take. This way they can get candy, and you don't end up grouchy or exhausted.

5. Above all, when it's all over, have fun!
Once you're back home from trick or treating, and you're sorting through the candy give yourself a relaxing rest of the night. Put on a Halloween themed movie for the kids, sort through the candy, and wrap yourself up in a warm blanket.

Hope this helps, Happy Halloween!


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October 17, 2018


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