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The best easy slime recipe available.

I decided that the best way to start this blog is to write about something that I not only enjoy but that I know is popular all over the place. Slime has recently taken the world by storm, however there have been a lot of complaints about certain activators. Borax seeming to receive a large amount of "hate" due to stories of children receiving chemical burns from slime made from the substance. After much research, and experimenting on my own I can guarantee that this is the best slime recipe to use if you have small children.

Slime Recipe:


1 4 oz bottle of white glue (you may use more if you wish)
1 teaspoon of baking soda
1 tablespoon of contact lens solution

Optional ingredients:

Paint in your color of choice
Food coloring of your choice
Shaving foam
1/3 cup of water


1 medium sized bowl
1 paint stirrer or spoon
Paper towels for clean up


1. Pour glue of choice into the bowl. Depending on the texture of slime you wish to have you can either leave the glue as is, or you can pour 1/3 of a cup of water into the glue bottle and use that to remove any remaining glue in the bottle. This will lead to a gooier slime than leaving the glue as is.

2. If you have selected any take the time to add any additional thin ingredients. Glitter, Food Coloring, Shaving foam, and Paints are examples of thin ingredients. Mix these items together until they are well blended.

3. Add the baking soda and mix well, ensuring that it is blended thoroughly.

4. Once the glue mixture has been created slowly add the contact solution while stirring. as you stir the slime should begin to form. Keep stirring until the contents of the bowl begin to pull away from the side.

5. At this point the slime will still be sticky, take the time to knead it until it stops sticking to your hand. As this point you may had crunchy or thick ingredients such as Styrofoam, and beads. By adding or leaving out different ingredients you may end up with different types of slime.

Examples of slime:

Crunchy: Addition of beads
Floam: Addition of foam
Sparkle: Addition of glitter
Gloop: Addition of water
Cleaning: No additional ingredients
Fluffy: Addition of shaving foam.

By making slime with your kids or students, not only are you teaching them to follow directions, but you are also teaching them ways to be creative. Have fun, and enjoy.



October 16, 2018, 9:18pm